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Golf Drivers

Originally made of wood, woods are designed for long distance shots. Woods are separated into two categories: drivers and fairway woods. The one wood, or more commonly referred to as the driver, gives the player the longest range of all the other clubs and is specifically designed to be hit off a tee. In some instances, the driver can be hit from the fairway, but this is not recommended as this requires advanced skills and a decent lie. A two wood is also considered a driver, earning the nickname "Minnie Driver." Ha, get it? Although it has a clever nickname, the two wood is a very rare club. The higher numbered woods are referred to as fairway woods. These woods are designed for shots from the fairway that require great distance. The fairway woods possess two key features: a higher loft to lift the ball off the ground and over minor obstructions, and a shallow face height to allow solid strikes from the ground using thecenter of the clubface. This provides greatest distance, as well. Fairway woods can be hit off of a tee when laying up for a dogleg or a hazard, if necessary. A common set of woods consists of a driver, three and five wood, but woods can range from a one to a nine.

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